Tech First Machinery, Inc. offers quality used autoclaves from our inventory, or new autoclaves are offered and designed to your exact specifications. Also, you may consider having your autoclave refurbished to include new insulation, updated controls, new safety valves or additional ports for vacuum and thermocouple monitoring. Alterations from the original design can include a shell extension for processing longer products or for increasing your production capacity. After receiving the customer’s requirements on operating pressure and temperature requirements, the selection of electric or live steam heating, and the working dimensions, then collaborations can begin with the fabrication and engineering associates to provide a quote.

All used autoclaves will be sold with a National Board Registration and they will be placed under power to assure operation before shipping.

Please check the autoclave category to see our used inventory. The inventory changes from month-to-month. If you do not see the autoclave size or the type you require please contact us with your requirements.

140-in-e    54x7-Elect-Side

528-Extension-afterauto    TEC-NB94-Removal-h-load-Clave